#NewRelease - Of Death & Darkness by @MMONTEROBOOKS

Title: Of Death & Darkness (Forgotten Kingdoms 3)

Author: Megan Montero

Genre: Fantasy Romance, High Fantasy

Cover Designer: Seventh Star Art

Publisher: Leo Press

Publication Date: Dec. 8th, 2023

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A woman marked by death.

A demon who would send her there himself.

A revolution that will change it all.

Death comes to us all… or so they say. But they never said that’s what I’d become… death. I’d spent my life taking care of everyone else besides myself. I finally let go for one night. One night of freedom. One night of fun. One night to dance my burdens away. But all it took was that one night for me to be thrown into a cruel fantasy world where only the strongest survived.

All I want is to go home and find my sister, the only person who means anything to me, but I’m trapped in this world where the demons use the elements like weapons. Except I don’t have any powers like them, none of the elements bend to my will. But what I 
do have is lethal and terrifying, people are dropping dead at my feet and I have no idea why or how. To make matters worse, this gift of mine lands me in the King’s dungeon and now the only way out is to enter the competition to be his Queen. 

I don’t want to be queen. I don’t even want to be here. But if I don’t compete in this deadly game for his hand then it’s back to the dungeon to rot. My only hope of escape lies in the hands of Lord Avalon. The bane of my existence and the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. Hewas the one who kidnapped me. He was the one who threw me into the dungeon in the first place. Yet now he was the one I had to convince to help me…and he loathes me with every fiber of his being. I’m no damsel in distress and with every vile word he speaks to me that hatred becomes more mutual. This fire between us is going to burn something to ashes, I just hope it’s not my heart.

Because it's death if I do and death if I don’t.

Megan Montero was born and raised as sassy Jersey girl. After devouring series like the Immortals After Dark, the Arcana Chronicles, Harry Potter and Mortal Instruments she decided then and there that she would write her own series. When she’s not putting pen to paper you can find her cuddled up under a thick blanket (even in the summer) with a book in her hands. When she’d not reading or writing you can find her playing with her dogs, watching movies, listening to music or moving the furniture around her house…again. She loves finding magic in all aspects of her life and that’s why she writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal. 


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