#NewRelease - Of Elves & Embers by #ElBin


Title: Of Elves & Embers

Author: Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Romantasy

Cover Design: Seventh Star

Publication Date: Feb. 6th, 2024

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A princess bound in flames.
A king living in shadows.
A forgotten vow written in the stars.

When I jetted off to Vegas for a reluctant girls’ weekend, the last thing I expected was to tumble through a portal into an alternate reality.

Now, I'm stuck in a world straight out of a fantasy, collared by a king who can't stand the sight of me, and roped into a deal he insists I struck in a previous life - a life where I was an Elven princess, arch-rival to his court.

I keep telling myself it's all a crazy dream, but the memories that barrage me every night are too real to ignore. And, as much as I hate to admit it, there's this inexplicable pull towards this mysterious elf - my captor, my adversary, and, bizarrely, my protector.

King Hadeon is hiding things about our shared history, and I'm not sure I'm ready to dig into that mystery. Even if I dared, the revelations might be more than I can handle.

With the Moon Court Elves gunning for me and wraiths threatening to destroy everything, I'm racing against time and fate. I need to piece together my past life before it's too late, and before history decides to repeat itself.

*Author Note: This is a standalone fantasy romance that contains a dark romance with slow-burn enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, forced proximity, and medium spice.

Elle and Robin are award-winning, USA Today Bestselling Authors of over twenty works in the Fantasy Romance genre. They are known for writing realistic, complex characters, witty banter, and epically gut-wrenching romances, topped off with eventual happily ever afters. Their books are also filled to the brim with slow-burn enemies-to-lovers dynamics, feisty heroines, and the only-one-bed trope – which is, in their humble opinions, the best trope of them all.


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“I guess it’s not in my nature to stay put like a good little girl until you see fit to let me out of my cage,” I seethed.

Hadeon offered a wicked grin in return, one that didn’t reach his hard, icy gaze.

“I suppose stay is too difficult a command for you to master. Perhaps we’ll try beg first and go from there.”

Indignation flared to life in my chest, my hands clenching into fists as I glared at him.

“The day I beg for anything from you will be the day I die.” I hoped I wasn’t bluffing. I had endured plenty of pain before, but I had never been outright tortured.

“Historically speaking, you’d be wrong.” The corner of Hadeon’s lips tilted up in a vicious smirk, and another wave of fury crashed over me. 

It was bad enough he had all the power, physically, but he also had all of the knowledge. He held literally all of the cards, while I had none.