"Amber is everything I never knew I needed. Since day one she stepped up and filled all the gaps for me, and the results are far more than I ever expected."
-Bella J

"Amber makes life as an author so much easier. She allows me to focus on writing but also helps me navigate the business side of the industry. I'd be lost without her."
Rachael Brownell

Amber is one of the most professional people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She took so much off my plate that I’m not sure I’d ever be able to go back to life without her. She’s courteous and on top of anything that I’ve asked her to do. I would highly recommend her to anyone, both Indie author and traditionally published. She knows the industry inside and out.

“Amber is polished, professional, and knows the ins and outs of the publishing business. She’s an absolute dream to work with.” Casey L. Bond

Amber Supernatural and YA- Lady Amber
When it comes to hosting events of all kinds, Amber is the way to go. She is very nice, funny and she knows what she is doing. She keeps the party hopping and crowd wanting more!
I hosted The Leading Men of Pedalstem in which Amber helped me out with. She helped me keep track of winners, contests and was a ginormous help keeping the crowd from getting bored.
When the event was over Amber sent me the list of winners and what each person had won along with addresses and emails that I needed.
If you are looking for someone who can help you get party planned, plotted and carried out then Lady Amber is the one for you!
AmBear Shellea
Author of The Pedalstem Lillie Series

 "Amber's services are a must-have for any busy indie author. My sales, Facebook Likes, and Goodreads Fan numbers increased immediately on the day of my launch event, and in the following days. The exposure Amber gives your work is invaluable, and she's a joy to work with: prompt, friendly, and efficient. If you're up to your ears with writing, edits, and marketing, let her handle your next book launch or event. Highly recommended!"

Rachael Wade 

 I cannot say enough good things about Amber at Lady Amber’s Party Launch!

She hosted the Flutter Release party, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way she handled the overwhelming party goers. We had a pretty big crowd that night, but she controlled it like the party ninja she is! Everyone had a blast and there was always something going on to keep everyone entertained. Amber is courteous, funny, outgoing and really knows how to work a crowd. You will not find a sweeter person to handle your book affairs. She does it ALL! Seriously, she is a jack of all trades!! I loved being able to enjoy Flutter’s release with everyone else and not have to worry about what was going to be next! She kept track of winners, made sure those who hadn’t won something got the chance, and basically made it a night to remember. I love Amber to pieces and would recommend her to the moon and back!!
Melissa Andrea, author of Flutter 

 I couldn’t tell you where I met Amber. She was just there one day and I am thankful for that day. She’s helped me with more events, launches and parties than I can put name to. She’s always fun, friendly and full of great ideas. She’s also professional, dedicated and will go to all kinds of lengths to make sure your event is memorable for you and your guests. I know there are tons of hosts out there, but I will always go to Amber to host mine.

Thank you, Amber, for everything.
Airicka Phoenix

As a new writer, it’s hard to decide where to spend your marketing dollars. I was very lucky to have been invited to a Facebook release party and learned about Amber and her events. She recently handled my first release party and I couldn’t have been more pleased. There was so little for me do actually do except show up. Amber handled the rest. She really kept everyone, including me and my family, entertained. I will certainly be using her services again!
~Vallory Vance

 I am completely astounded by how amazingly Lady Amber organized Ashes and Ice’s Blog Tour and Blitz. I approached her with a very ambitious goal for both and Amber worked hard and long to meet them. I was impressed by how efficient and effective she was at putting everything together. I am extremely thankful that I found Amber. I know Ashes and Ice’s release will be a wonderful success because of her dedication. Authors! You need Lady Amber!

Rochelle Maya Callen 

 Lady Amber went above and beyond my expectations. She was helpful, patient, and detail orientated. She kicks off a party right with a variety of games and creative ideas that were highly entertaining. I would recommend her to everyone I know because she is simply THE BEST! Book her now- you won't regret it.

-- Mari Arden, author of "Flame: A Fireborn novel"

"Amber was absolutely amazing! We have worked together many times and she is consistently hard working, professional and kind. She posted my latest tour and within days nearly the entire schedule was filled with absolutely amazing bloggers from around the web! I have been thrilled with her services and would highly recommend them to anyone interested. Her services are stellar and a steal for the price!" -
-Emma Michaels

 Lady Ambers Tours have been amazing for my books. When I have a cover reveal, release, or need reviews, I will always go to her first. I know that she will bring the bloggers, and the marketing that my work needs. She is so sweet and easy to work with, I recommend her to authors self published and traditional. If you need an awesome tour guide, she's your woman!

-Emily Walker AKA Jewels Moss and Lyra McKen 

We are so glad we hired Lady Amber for our tour for Branded. As soon as we said it’s a go, she was off working hard to find as many blogs as she could, to read and review Branded. Lady Amber is very professional and passionate about her authors she takes on. Always kept us up to date, and kept us in the loop. The tour itself was an amazing experience, very organized and easy to follow all the blogs that were featuring or reviewing Branded. Will we use Lady Amber again! Absolutely. She was wonderful and we adore her.

- Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki


  1. Lady Amber is a rank-escalating wizard who gets people excited, generates buzz, and delivers results! She has a strong platform and she's not afraid to use it. Lady Amber, you're the BEST!


    1. I just did another party with Amber and would like to reaffirm that she is, indisputably, the reigning queen of all Facebook wizarding genius! She get's the word out, has die-hard followers, and makes your event spectacular and fun. Thanks again, Lady Amber!


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