#BlogTour & #Giveaway - Field of Innocence by @AuthorLainyLane

Title: Field of Innocence
Author: Lainy Lane
Genre: Fantasy – Paranormal Romance – Faerie Tales
Publisher: CHBB
Cover Designer: Aurelia Fray - Pretty AF Designs

Not all Faerie tales start with once upon a time or end with happily ever after.

Calandra thought she lived a normal life. She constantly fought with her dad, had a boyfriend who she knew was "it" for her, school was coming to an end, and her father would be out of town for the summer. Then a stranger comes to her in a dream, and life takes an unexpected turn. Calandra is thrown into a whirlwind, where she unearths the heritage her father has been hiding from her. She discovers a whole new world and finds that destiny doesn't always hand you the life you dreamed of.
As she watches the pieces of her life fall, shatter, and settle, she must decide whether to piece them back together, or start over and attempt building a new one. Somewhere in-between those options, she might find who she is meant to be. The person strong enough to take her destiny face on, no matter how impossible it seems.

Tagline - Sometimes Destiny is far too dark to give us a normal Faerie tale.

Lainy Lane is a girl that loves to keep her head in the clouds and attempts to still keep her feet on the ground. She has a severe addiction to coffee, tea, and Harry Potter and is completely awe-stricken with dragonflies. She spends her days chasing around her two crazy kids and getting in as much reading and writing as she can fit into the hectic mom life!

Lainy writes Fantasy and loves main characters that don't accept their "given" destiny and instead decide to make their own way!

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Equinoctial Sacrifice (Prequel): http://amzn.to/2zhciOz
Field of Innocence: http://amzn.to/2idkepa

“So you can put things together for yourself.” Jarreth smiled. “You wanna try again for what we were talking about on the way here in that case?” He stared intently at her, and the bartender returned with their drinks. Jarreth’s was a shot glass with a dark green liquid in it.
“Oh— right.” She relented back to the conversation from the walk into town and took a sip of her drink. It was sweet but tart, and it warmed her throat as it slid down.
Jarreth continued to stare intently at her, to pressure her to figure out the new riddle and also to make it clear he wasn’t going to help her in any way.
She took another sip of her drink. “So you’re really going to be no help at all?” She decided to try a pout again. After all, it had worked to get her into town. Maybe it would help her out again.
“I don’t think so, Cal.” Jarreth took his shot and held the glass in the air to signal for the bartender to get him another one. “You only get to make me cave so many times, and you’ve reached your limit for the day, my love.” A wicked smile crossed his face as Glyda returned with a new shot. This one was a baby blue liquid.
Love is the greatest power in the world, mortal or Fae, tie love and magic together, and you create an unstoppable force. The words came back to her mind, and she tried to dissect them as she sipped on her drink and began to feel a little braver with every sip she took.
“So, what? I have to be in love?” She finally started to bring her thoughts to words.
“You’re getting there.”
“Getting to being in love?” Maybe it was the pressure of her surroundings, but her thoughts were starting to cloud together and they weren’t making complete sense.
“Are you?” Jarreth’s eyes flashed purple momentarily, and a seductive smile crossed his face.
Heat didn’t only flamed into her cheeks. “Well, no— I mean, not that— I—” She couldn’t force herself to form an actual sentence. Thoughts flew through her head and made her feel a little dizzy. She couldn’t say no, she might not be almost in love. But she did feel somehow drawn to Jarreth, so she couldn’t say she has no feelings for him either. But she loved Tristan, didn’t she? Or she had before she came here. Nothing seemed to make much sense anymore, and her emotions had been in overdrive ever since she came to Faerie. She frowned slightly and strived to figure out something coherent to say.
Jarreth placed his hand on top of hers in the middle of the table and smiled reassuringly. “It was just a joke, dear. No need to fret.”
“I knew that,” she lied while her cheeks give her away, as usual.
“Of course you did, love.” He winked. “Now keep going with your thinking there.”
Calandra went back to her train of thought somewhat thankful Jarreth didn’t want to continue that particular conversation further. Love. Love and magic. Unstoppable force. Think Calandra, think.
“Who I love,” Calandra said shocked as it fell into place. “It matters who I love?”
Jarreth nodded.
“But how? Why?”
“Because,” an unfamiliar voice answered.
Jarreth’s eyes flashed red, and his expression turned grim. Jarreth moved his hand from hers, and Calandra turned to see Drake standing next to her.
“Two and two equals four, right?” He grinned as he sat next to her, too close, and brushed against her arm. A not altogether pleasant chill coursed through her.
“Drake.” Jarreth’s voice was much colder than Calandra had heard from him.
“Jarreth.” Drake returned his tone and turned his attention back to Calandra.
Calandra took a large gulp of her drink in hopes the distraction would help to calm her nerves. For some reason, she felt like she was in the middle of some sort of territorial pissing contest. It was a rather uncomfortable place to be, and she wished for the comforting electricity of Jarreth’s touch suddenly.
“Yes,” she said, finally ready to break the awkward silence.
“Yes, what?” Drake questioned.
“Yes, two and two is four. Your point being?” Calandra’s sarcasm came more willingly than she expected it to.
“My point being, wouldn’t it make sense then that power on top of power equals more power?” Drake snapped his fingers in the air to call the server over to the table.