#NewRelease - Who's on First Date? by JoJo Bartlett

Title: Who’s on First Date?
Author: JoJo Barlett
Genre: Sports RomCom
Models: Amanda Daws and Alex Stephens
Editor: Kristina Circelli from Red Road Editing
Cover Designer: Kelsey Keeton from K Keeton Designs
Photographer: Kelsey Keeton from K Keeton Designs
Publication Date: April 5th, 2018

Sometimes love can throw curve balls.
Eden’s been burned (not unlike her ex’s abandoned crap) and isn’t ready to try dating again. She lives vicariously through her co-worker’s sex life, all while veering dangerously close to being the next cat lady who has sworn off men. 

When Eden stumbles (quite literally) into the life of professional baseball player, Robert “Bobby” King, more than spilled beers will get in their way.

Bobby has had a handful of one night stands and realizes he won’t find love with someone he finds leaning against the locker room door. With his focus on healing his recent knee injury and keeping his name in the game, Bobby never imagines he’d be fighting for the girl of his dreams, too.

With constant mishaps and miscommunications, and spring training around the corner, can Bobby and Eden win the game of love?

**Who's on First Date? is a full-length (75k words) novel intended for MATURE readers, aged 18+, who enjoy lots of steam with their smirks and flirts.

JoJo Bartlett loves soft blankets, the color blue, and laughing so hard she snorts. She's never met a chocolate chip cookie she didn't like. If you ask her husband or two kids, they will tell you she considers being called "weird" a compliment. Should the opportunity to participate in shenanigans with JoJo ever be presented to you... seize it, with both hands (or however many you have).

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Eden's POV excerpt:

Black Friday came and went. I wouldn’t be caught out in that mess. I much preferred starting my Christmas movie-watching binge snuggled up in blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and eating Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

Who was I kidding? I was really just waiting for my phone to ring. When it finally did, Tiny experienced a short-distance flight in my hustle to find my phone lost in my blankets.


“Eden.” My name sounded like a breath of fresh air in his voice.

“Hi, Bobby.”

“You sound breathless. Were you working out?”

Ha! As if that was on my agenda this weekend. “What? And lose all the calories I tried so hard to shove in my mouth last night? What a scandalous suggestion.”

He laughed, and it sounded like sexy silk rolling across my heart. “Well, I’m glad you answered anyway.”

“Me too. How was your day?” Tiny crawled up into my lap for a post-flight inspection. He calmed my nerves with his presence.

“Not too bad. Tomorrow will be the long one. I hate clothes shopping. I get measured and prodded enough for just my uniform, and then these penguin suits, dress clothes, and the events I’m forced to attend in them completely do me in.”

I chuckled. “Poor baby. Have you ever tried wearing Spanx, walking in heels, or applying false eyelashes? We women have a motto: Beauty must suffer.”

“You would know.”

His words warmed me in all the best places.