#BookBlitz - His Wedding Date Fake Fiance by @SweetLMcConnell

Title: His Wedding Date Fake Fiancé
Author: Lucy McConnell
Genre: Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Orchard View Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 21st, 2018

All she wanted to do was make Troy see what he was missing out on ... She didn't plan on falling in love with him!

When Chloe Winston finds herself crushing on her business partner, she tamps down the flame of attraction because falling for Troy Martin could spell disaster for their business. But, when Troy needs a fake fiancee for his sister’s Christmas wedding, Chloe agrees to fill the role, if only to show him what he’s been missing out on all these months. Little did she know that her eyes would be opened to the joys of spending the holidays surrounded by family in the heart of Snow Valley.

Troy isn’t looking for the love of his life, heck, he isn’t looking for love at all—a fact that grates on his mother’s last nerve. In order to avoid yet another lecture about the necessity of marriage for life-long happiness, he makes up a fiancée. Chloe is perfect because she doesn’t pose a threat to his bachelorhood. But when she shows up in a red dress that would stop traffic and gives him a kiss that stops his heart, he can’t help but wish she was his fiancée for real.

In order to keep Chloe in his life, Troy will have to come clean and risk alienating his tight-knit family. He’s not the only one risking something though. Chloe has to be willing to turn her heart over to the guy she’s been protecting it from for months.

Things heat up between the business partners but they’re going to need more than mistletoe to get out of this one.

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Award-winning author, Lucy McConnell, loves Christmas, romance, chocolate and Elvis.

After graduating from the University of Utah, she became an editor at an advertising agency before moving on to teach in the marketing department of the local community college. She loved teaching and often misses the academic environment.

Lucy retired from teaching and began to write articles and sweet romance novels. She has been published in national magazines, newspapers, short story compilations, and she writes cookbooks under the name Christina Dymock.

If she's not at the computer, you can find her trying to keep up with her husband and four kids on the ski slopes, on a bike, in the kitchen, or on a horse.

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