#NewRelease - Legendary Box Set @CherimeMcFarla

Title: Legendary Box Set
Author: Multi-Authors
Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Cover Designer: Paper Gold Publishing
Publication Date: January 5th, 2019
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR

From the publishers of Legends and Legacy, the two longest-running, best-selling sci-fi fantasy collections comes…


Freecurrent: The Legacy by Deanna J. Compton
A long-lost diary promising a world where magic and dragons rule.

Bernie and the Lost Girl by Steve Lebel
Not long ago, a young girl disappeared, and all of God Town feared for her life. After extensive searches, little Emily could not be found.

Mecha 1: Steel Trap by Brendon Berg
Earth has become devoid of anything natural due to large scale fracking. The planet is a barren, devastated, global wasteland. Jason, an ex-marine, discovers his training doesn’t count for much on Mecha 1.

The Tin of Honey by Holly Barbo
Life is tough for Zoe in the new world. As a small child, her voice can never be heard and she may as well be invisible. Except as a slave.

Adamanta: Season 1, Episode 1 by T.Y. Carew
For humanity, hope is merely a fantasy, until Colonel Xander Finlay meets Matt. She’s mastered control of a brand-new technology. A new weapon. Can her experience and her parent’s lifetime of research turn the tide of war?

Pick of the Litter - A Mutt is Born by Sean Gallatin
He can survive on the junkyard planet. The pack of dogs provide some company, but he must find a way to get away and pay someone back. Can he cobble together something that will get him off world and back in the game?

A Fire's Sacrifice by Jess Mountifield
Narway's life will never be the same. Her father is dead. Almost entirely alone she must choose between two paths. Whatever she decides she'll have to make a sacrifice.

Martin Little Resurrected by Ella Medler
Meet Martin Little -- Little by name, little by fortune, and with a luck to match those two. Once he breaks into Heaven, it's all a downhill slide to Hell.

Deirdre’s Dawn by J. Michael McFadden
Young Deirdre loves Celtic lore. Are the heroic stories true or legend? Living in year 1000, she avidly reads ancient manuscripts at the Abbey will she become part of the stories? Best friend Culain dares her to discover Ancestral Secrets in the Enchanted Ards Forest! Will faerie magic prevail over her doubts?

Lost Shadows by Julie Elizabeth Powell
Not only had Adam lost his parents in a car crash, but he’d also forgotten who he was. Pamela is haunted by the patient who was murdered by her father. Barbara and Mike have mysterious secrets. Harry seeks solace at the bottom of a glass. Most are strangers, all are haunted by darkness – does this unite them? Will they find what is lost?

The Owner by Nathan Boxall
Peace on earth! That's what the elves promised when they came out of hiding. We did get that, but do we know what it cost us?

Zero Cadence by Rene Folsom
“I am intrigued by the notion that love was once a choice. The adventure of falling in love, finding your soul mate amongst billions of people around the Earth, seems so much more realistic than being told who you’re meant to be with for eternity. I feel like I would much rather go through loss and heartache in order to find my true match, instead of being told by a stupid internal timer when my soul will finally be complete.”

The Timely Gift by Suzy Stewart Dubot
Ivan Tait, Lord Palmer, has a gift. One might suppose that it is his astounding good looks, but one would be wrong. His gift is not visible. A time-travel novella.

In Pursuit of Cheese A Cat and CoDee Novella by Cherime MacFarlane
Greenhouse II, one world where Cat can be herself, may no longer be safe. As they struggle to communicate without using their bond, neither sense the menace lurking in the warm jungle. A catastrophe on a far-off world which produces a fine cheese may prove to be Cat’s undoing.

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Deanna J. Compton

Steve Lebel
Brendon Berg
Holly Barbo
T.Y. Carew
Sean Gallatin
Jess Mountifield
Ella Medler
Rene Folson
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Cherime MacFarlane
J. Michael McFadden
Julie Elizabeth Powell
Nathan Boxall

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