#FreeRead - Rock Her Wild by @AlyHaleAuthor

Title: Rock Her Wild
Author: Alyson Hale
Genre: Steamy Rockstar Romance
Editor: Brittney Coon


I’ve always been the man who never wanted to taste the same pair of lips twice, but she’s created an addiction in me...

I’ve finally met my match, in more ways than one. I’m supposed to be the one who slips away without even a “goodbye” after a one-night stand. Now I’m sitting here alone with an ache in my chest and a driving need to find out what the hell is going on in Alexandrea Ward’s beautiful head. She targeted me from the moment she met me and effortlessly conned me into playing her games. It was supposed to be one night of unbridled pleasure, but my need for her has become a sickness, and there’s only one cure: making her mine.


Ever since the day my innocence was taken, my life has been a series of bad decisions and close calls. This time, I took it too far and I almost didn’t come back from it. All I wanted was one last wild night with a man who was worthy of me. I wasn’t counting on bad boy lead guitarist Damien Turner being more than meets the eye.

He’s offering me the world, but do I have the courage to accept it? And what will happen if my attacker decides he isn’t finished with me yet?

NOTE: This 18+ rockstar romance is 35,000 word standalone read. Each book in the Rock Her Series can be read independently of the others, but much like the Bangers and their strong women, they’re better together. This book is for people who don't mind underlying dark themes (triggering subjects such as rape and drug abuse are mentioned without in-depth descriptions). 

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Alyson Hale is a passionate contemporary/erotic romance author from the American South. Her weaknesses are rock stars, billionaires, and alpha males. She is married to a strong, stubborn family man who shows up in almost every book boyfriend she writes. Alyson is also a mother to one human child, one canine child, and one feline child.

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Buy Links:
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Rock Her Wild: https://amzn.to/2XXCYgf

Fuck me. When we came to the orchard today, I wasn’t planning on her. Now I think my plans to fuck with Jace’s head today have given way to plans of literal fucking with the gorgeous woman in front of me.

Jace called me off of Kyri as soon as he saw her in the pub. She was his, and he wasn’t going to have her messed with. As far as I know, he’s never gotten hung up on a woman like this, and it’s leverage I need to get some of my own way around here. I know they’ve slept together, but that wasn’t going to put me off from flirting a bit just to get under his skin. Now, with the eighth wonder of the world staring me right in the face, I find myself more than a bit distracted.

Her skin is like coffee with just the right amount of cream and sugar blended in, and her hair is rich and natural, curled just a bit away from her face. The hourglass curves of her figure are accentuated by a red dress with a plunging V-neck. She continued the red color up to her lips, but they don’t overshadow her stunning brown eyes. I should look away from her or say something, but I can’t. I’ve lost control of my vocal cords. They’re no longer functioning. I need a jumpstart.

My brother Eddie comes up behind me and thumps me on the back. I know it’s him because of his heavy footing that I can hear even in this damp soil. “You all right, brother? Who is this?”

The tempting siren smiles and takes over for me, stretching out her delicate, manicured hand for a shake. “Alexandrea Ward. Nice to meet you both. I’m also the best friend of Kyri Calloway.”

“Ah, Kyri’s ‘BFF’.” Eddie steps in front of me, since I’m still frozen solid, and shakes her hand. “I’m Eddie, nice to meet you.”

A deep growl crawls out of my throat. I jolt between them, blocking him from her and making their hands detach. Alexandrea looks up at me with a touch of fear in her eyes, but also intrigue.

“Damien Turner.” I reach for her hand, and lightning pulses up to my shoulder when our skin touches. Her mouth drops open, and I have to restrain myself from taking her lips with mine right then and there. I could slip my fingers right up underneath that sinful neckline and take her breasts, pinching her nipples and shoving her up against the nearest tree…

My God, I have a disease. I think she gave it to me. And fuck, I hope she’s the cure.

“Nice to meet you, Damien,” she whispers meekly. Something about her gives me the idea she’s not “nice.” Not one little bit. That makes me horny as hell.

“Likewise. Do you have plans tonight?”

A spark ignites in her eyes. “With any luck, I might.”