#SneakPeek - Half Truths by @AuthorRachaelB

Title: Half Truths
Author: Rachael Brownell
Genre: An Opposites Attract Romance
Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

All-American boy meets broken girl… at rehab?

It will never work.
How could it?

Alex is Chicago royalty. Harley considers herself Las Vegas trash. While he’s been handed everything his entire life, she scrapes to make ends meet. Still, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Both long to break free from the stereotypes of their upbringing and embrace each moment together. Yet, neither are ready to share all of who they are.

Their secrets.
Their fears.
Their bitter realities.

Does their budding relationship stand a chance under a blanket of secrecy? Or will owning their truth set them free?

Rachael Brownell is an award-winning romance author. She resides in the midwest with her husband, son, and fur-babies. A morning person at heart, Rachael is a coffee addict who enjoys writing characters readers can connect with. She’s also known for placing those same characters in situations that will make you feel like you’re right there with them, going through the experience.

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I want your pleasure.

Of course, I didn’t say it loud enough for her to hear me. That would have shaken her in a way I’m not sure she would have been able to rebound from.

She was already fighting a losing battle. I saw the way she reacted when I touched her. There’s a war raging inside her that mimics my own. One we both want to fight for but are afraid we’d lose too much even if we won in the end.

For me, I can’t risk her finding out the one thing that’s holding my entire life together right now. The lie I created. Daphne needs to finish rehab. She needs to find her way back to who she once was. Before the drugs took over her life. Before everything turned dark.

Still, there’s this growing need inside me, and every time I lay eyes on Harley, it’s compounded. It strengthens, drawing me closer to her. Closer to wanting to risk it all for a little taste of heaven.

My lack of control over my actions speaks volumes. I’ve never had this strong of a reaction to any woman in my life. The last time I wanted anyone even close to this much was in college.

She was a beauty, sure. Sexy as hell. Available. And I had her, but I wasn’t the only one. Everyone had a taste. She slept with more of my friends than I care to admit. When I found out, I wanted to blame them for seducing her, but it was the other way around.

Drunk college boys aren’t that hard to get in bed.

All you have to do is offer, and most of them jump at the chance.

So that’s what she did. Over and over again. And no one said a word to me.

I should have known she wasn’t worth it. I barely had to put in any effort. She slept with me on our first date. She invited herself back to my dorm room. Didn’t care that my roommate was fast asleep in the twin-sized bed only a few feet away.

There was no chase, no thrill in being with her.

For her, it was all about sex. She wanted to get her rocks off, and anyone willing to help her was welcome. She wasn’t even ashamed of her actions.

It wasn’t long after we broke up that I found out more about her. About where she came from. Who she really was. It helped me to understand her a little better. I’m sure she assumed none of us would want anything to do with her if we knew her truth.

The thing is, she didn’t even give us a chance to get to know her.

I couldn’t give a shit less where she came from. We’re all ashamed of our families or our past at some point in time. It’s what we do to change our situation that matters. It’s what we make of ourselves in the process.

We need to learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat them.

So when I look at Harley, knowing she’s hiding something, it makes me wonder what type of woman she is. Is she hiding who she really is? Trying to be someone she’s not? Or is it something else?

I worry someone’s already destroyed her in a way that’s beyond repair. A man. Maybe Phoenix’s father. And if that’s the case, the challenge of helping her repair her broken heart is tempting.

Which is why I want her in my bed.

Beneath me.

So I can show her what it feels like to be treated the way a woman deserves. To be ravaged with respect. To experience pleasure.

Before that can happen, I’m going to have to get her worked up. Make her want me. Tease her to a point she comes to me ready and willing. Make it so the only way she can get release is to be with me.

In a sense, I’m going to have to break her.

So that’s what I plan to do.

I’ve memorized the lies I’ve told. I’ll stick to my story, and everything will be fine. I have to keep telling myself that because the idea that this could turn out any other way is unacceptable.